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Brian and Mari Norris
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Casa Hogar Coffee Company is a family-owned Craft Coffee Roastery. Our coffee is roasted in Northeastern Georgia and our beans are sourced out of numerous regions around the world. We strive to create quality coffee that will not only satisfy the palates of our consumers, but will have an international impact                                . The owners, Brian and Mari Norris, not only hold a passion for coffee, but a passion for people.


 Mari was born and raised in the country of Honduras, Central America, one of the less fortunate Latin American Nations. Through her teenage years, she lived in a ministry-based boarding school compound called “Plan Escalon” with hundreds of other students and people, where she would later meet Brian. In her young age, Her father, Victor Rodas, envisioned and created an orphanage-type home for orphaned children off of the streets of Honduras. He taught them skills like reading, writing and playing instruments, as well as fed them spiritually. The name of his ministry was “Casa Hogar”, “the House Home” in Spanish, which later sparked the inspiration for the name of our company, in remembrance of not only him, but his ministry.


Brian grew up on the eastern coast of Florida, and always had a passion for coffee, as well as people. In his early life, he left with a church-based foreign missions group to the compound where Mari and her family were living at the time, where he would serve, love on people, and eventually marry Mari. 


After their marriage, Brian moved to Honduras with Mari where they began their family. After the birth of their first child, they moved to Northeastern Georgia, where they have been settled since. They now have three children, and continue to be involved in helping the people of Honduras, Central America 

Casa Hogar Coffee
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